What is your cancellation policy?

We have a 3 day cancellation policy—failure to cancel within this time will result in a  cancellation charge equal to the first night of your stay. In the case of a no-show, you will  still be charged the full cost of your booking. 

How close to Hostel Kucha to the city center?

Very close! Walking there is about 8 minutes down a hill – keep in mind, you will be walking  up it again! Never fear. It may be daunting, but take it slow. You can do it, and to get back to  the hostel will take only about 10 minutes. 

Do you have wifi?

Yes, we have free, fast wifi everywhere in the hostel.  

Do you serve breakfast?

We have free tea, coffee, and oatmeal, which is always at your disposal in the kitchen. 

Are linen/towels included?

Absolutely. No traveller wants to use precious space in their luggage for these kinds of  things, and we totally understand so we have linen and a towel for each guest. Guests in  private rooms receive two towels, and guests in dorm rooms receive one small towel each. 

I left something behind! Can Hostel Kucha send it back to me?

Yes, we can arrange to send back your forgotten items, at the travellers expense. 

Can I store my luggage before check-in?

Yes, if you arrive and we do not have your room ready, we will store your luggage for you so  that you can get started exploring.  

Can I store my luggage after check-out?

Absolutely. Nobody wants to drag their backpacking backpack or suitcase around until they  have to catch the bus or plane! We will store it for you at reception. 

I am taking a short overnight trip to Mostar/elsewhere, and then I will be back. Can I store my luggage at the hostel while I’m away?

Certainly. We keep all luggage for guests in secure rooms so that when you return back home  here, all of your belongings will be just as you left them.  

What are reception hours?

Our reception is open from 8am to 11pm. 

My bus/flight isn’t until the evening after check-out. Can I stick around until I need to leave for the bus station/airport?

Yes you can, we would love your company! But, we kindly request that you hang out in our  common spaces so that we can get the room ready for guests checking in for that night. So  please check out by noon, then feel free to relax on the couch and read a book, watch TV, or  chat with other guests.  

Can I check in after reception hours?

You can, but please email us a day or two in advance with your bus/train/flight information  and approximately what time you will be arriving at the hostel. Someone will have to be  awake for you at 2:30 am if that is when you will be arriving, and we would prefer to know  ahead of time so that you are not left outside for long while someone is waking up!  

Is it possible to request a specific private room/dorm?

Based on availability, yes. If the room you want is not available on a booking website, send  us an email and we will see what we can do.  

I want to extend my stay but I am having trouble doing so on the booking website. What should I do?

Send us an email! We can easily put you into our system without using the booking websites,  as long as there is space available.  

I want to make a booking but I do not have a credit card. How can I make a booking?

Send us an email and we will make a direct booking for you on our system! 

I am coming with a car – where should I park?

We have a parking car that accommodates up to three cars. Please email us to reserve a spot  for your car, as it can fill up fast! We request that when guests with cars are out exploring the  city they leave their keys with us, as we sometimes need to shuffle cars when guests are  leaving after their stay. If the parking garage is full with other cars, we will help you find another place to park.  

How do I find Hostel Kucha?

Check out our directions page for in-depth instructions on how to find us!